Bio / Andrea M. Junker

Andrea M. Junker –
A Profound Journey in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Andrea M. Junker, a native of Hamburg, embarked on her remarkable career at an early age as a DJ, showcasing her passion for music and events. Notably, at the tender age of 17, she organized her first self-managed party, renting out a cinema for the occasion. As she explored various avenues, she honed her skills as a music journalist for the Tango Magazin, contributed her expertise in music sales at Schaulandt, and served as a radio editor at NDR (radio).

Soon, Andrea transitioned into the music industry, commencing her tenure as a PR-Manager for Phonogram Records, which later became Universal, in the vibrant city of Frankfurt a. M. Her prowess in the industry did not go unnoticed, as Warner Records enticed her to join their ranks as an A&R (Artists & Repertoire) in Hamburg. Here, she played an instrumental role in establishing Warner’s groundbreaking „Club Culture,“ the label’s first dance department, while simultaneously excelling as a Marketing Manager.

The 90s witnessed Andrea establishing her own event- and booking agency, aptly named „housefrau“,showcasing her innovative and creative spirit. She managed to balance her ventures effortlessly, simultaneously producing a weekly music magazine for VIVA TV, helming her own music label and publishing house, and even owning two nightclubs in St. Pauli (E-D-K and Absolut).

In parallel, Andrea took on the role of a consultant, providing her expertise to various industrial clients, including the likes of Philip Morris Tobacco. Her visionary initiatives led to the creation of the „Marlboro House Network,“ overseeing the organization of CDs, tours, and an event at the prestigious New Music Seminar in New York, which stands as one of the largest industry gatherings worldwide.

Her exceptional skills caught the attention of Stage Entertainment, where she served as a Project Manager for major events like SENSATION WHITE. Subsequently, Sony Music Entertainment Austria recruited her as „Head of New Business“ to establish a Live-Entertainment department in Vienna.

Since 2011, Andrea has been an independent entrepreneur, leading JUNKERS BUERO, a boutique agency specializing in cultural and event management, based in Vienna. Her creativity and ingenuity have been instrumental in conceiving and developing several acclaimed festivals in Austria, such as Cineastic/Fantastic Gondolas, Tanzcafé Arlberg, Wiener SATTEL-FEST and part of CREAU: Ochs & Esel Market. Additionally, she holds key production roles for the renowned WienWoche, the exciting WIR SIND WIEN.FESTIVAL, BIRDIE 15 or RESIST! and different performances for SelfSightSeeing Company – further affirming her incredible mark on the Austrian cultural landscape. Furthermore, she provides invaluable guidance and mentorship to the recipients of SHIFT VI. & V. grants.

Throughout her extraordinary journey, Andrea’s enduring passion remains firmly rooted in music, contemporary art, and her affinity for animals, particularly her love for dogs and horses.